Chancery Track is now offering a new service where we compare your Chancery Abstract to Title, as well as do a Bankruptcy search of all defendants.

Below are the details that we will provide in the Final Foreclosure Review letter.

When you send in your Chancery Abstract Request, if you include title documents we will complete the Chancery Abstract and then review it against title to ensure no defendants were left out and that there are not any discrepancies between title and the abstract. We will also complete a Pacer Federal Records search to ensure no defendants have filed for bankruptcy.

We will issue a separate document which will detail the results of our findings. We will return the Chancery Abstract and Final Foreclosure Review document within 3 business days, so there will be no extra time needed or delay to your closing.

The total cost of the Chancery Abstract and Final Foreclosure Review will be $195. ($150 for the Chancery Abstract and $45 for the Final Foreclosure Review). If you have another company generate the Chancery Abstract and would like us to review and generate the Final Foreclosure Review the cost is $55.